16. syyskuuta 2014


At the moment I notice that I've been losing readers, and I understand why. But the thing is at the moment I can't make everyone happy and I'm not writing this blog to make anyone happy (in the first place, but of course I want you to like it) but most of all I write this as a practise for myself and just because I like this. So I'm sorry my blog might be trash at the moment, but it's the smallest concern that I have.

So to the text. What I wanted to process now is about relationships generally. 
I've always had some issues with getting along with people, and I know it's pretty much always caused by me. In primary school (or whatever it is called) I blamed others and there was always something wrong with everyone else except me. Throughout these years I've noticed that maybe I should do something differently. So I've started to improve my relationship with my friends and my family.
My own attitude towards people is sometimes completely wrong and I know I can be really mean, annoying and arrogant even when I don't notice it myself. And this is what I have a really strong opinion about, and what I try my best to follow, is that people shouldn't mind about others business. Not completely, but in a way that they shouldn't. For example jealousy and just generally getting involved to things that just aren't for you.
I face this a lot because I'm not the first person to go and talk to people, instead I prefer first getting to know the person before I can feel comfortable in their company. And as for anyone who know me; no I'm not shy, even though I seem like it. It is just I don't feel comfortable to talk to people I don't know or feel like being myself with. So getting back to it, recently I've noticed how some people just can't mind their own business. They get involved in others lives like for example trying to "manipulate" something, criticising someone etc. Something that just shouldn't affect their life in any way.
That's what I've been dealing lately, and I feel like that's what I try to do myself just to let everyone do their thing and I'm doing mine. 
I don't know if you have similar situations or problems, but I hope someone finds something to relate :) Have a beautiful week everyone!

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