1. toukokuuta 2015

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Hello again! About two weeks back I created a second instagram (@nea.dagmar). This account is all about health and fitness things and my progress in my #ProjectSummerBody. I just wanted to say few words about this since all my captions in my pictures are getting soo long. So I'll just go through few things I have on my mind and get them out of my way. However! Let's get into this.

If you have ever thought about starting dieting and doing more workouts I have first of all some tips for that and I think I have to put those into another post. But this one is for me to clarify my goals and progress and also my thoughts on this. 3 weeks ago I had my spring break and I decided before that to get my 3 weeks challenge that we bought with my mom. I've always heard from everyone how every diet is doomed and they are just not working, that I'm just "that type of a person" that I cannot do it. But I personally believe that there are no excuses for not changing your life style IF you yourself really want it.
I started the challenge by doing the given HIT workouts (HIT power, cardio and countdown). So it's 3 workouts per week that takes you like 15-20 minutes and you don't need to go to the gym. Again me personally I hate going to a public gym. I feel like I only get discouraged and I don't find that fun in any way. I started by completing all the workouts and when I was feeling a bit more energetic I went for a few walks and enjoyed the fresh air. I found that really fun and enjoyable. With every single workout you do the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to ENJOY IT! You have to do something you enjoy and find fun and that makes you feel good.

Also what actually boosted my motivation greatly is different Youtube channels. My biggest motivation at the moment is Marissa Lace in Youtube and especially her vlog channel. She's doing a diet called IIFYM which simply is If It Fits Your Macros. If you do not know what macros are then google it because I think I'm no better at explaining since that's what I did when I first heard about them. After reading about that topic and the whole diet I downloaded this app called Lifesum which is basically for counting daily calories and macros. I find it really helpful when I decided to start to follow this IIFYM diet. I track everything I eat and drink in a day so  I'll know and see realistically which foods are good and which ones I should not eat.

From the moment I started doing this and continued doing at least the 3 workouts per week I've felt so much more energetic and happy. However for me the hardest part is other people. There are people who are supporting you and then the ones that doesn't believe in you. Every time someone hears about my diet or me going to gym they say something on the lines of "oh you wanna get all fit and thin". I know I should not react to those, but for me somehow it doesn't feel very supporting and just as they are making fun of me. I do not even know what to say about those so I won't be going there.

I am not following my diet really strictly every single day. The thing is, I'm me. And I love food and it doesn't matter how bad I want to get fit, I'm not gonna starve myself. I'm going to make sure I'm as healthy as possible and if I'm hungry and I'm already over my daily macros, I do not care in that point. I'm going to eat.

My personal goals are to of course get rid of the excess that I have in my body, but the main thing is to feel better. I love love loooove my body the way it is, do not get me wrong. But the fact that lately I was just eating everything and after eating I was not even feeling good. I started to lose all my energy, I didn't want to do anything because I was becoming too lazy for everything. Now I find working out fun and that's the only reason why I'm doing it. If I wouldn't like it I wouldn't be doing it. But in my really far away goals I have that I would like to do some weight lifting and start focusing on building muscle and not only "to be fit".

I told already I aim to do 3-4 workouts per week. I'm not necessarily even going to the gym because I can find as affective workouts to do at home on a days I don't feel like going. Also I aim to do cardio minimum of 15 minutes every time I go to the gym. I love these apps like Amazing Abs and Brazilian Butt, which gives beginner level short exercises for your abs or butt or even your whole body. I find them really effective and they fit well to my everyday schedule even when I don't feel like doing anything I might just complete those and know that at least I did something.

I'm planning on doing another post on specific for tips and my motivation. So I hope you liked this text, remember to check my second instagram if you're interested on this topic <3 p="">

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