30. toukokuuta 2015

If you have not already, go and see my youtube channel! I've uploaded something that I basically got an idea in a day and also filmed on that same day. ALSO if you read the last post about fitness and stuff, and if you haven't already then go to my second Instagram @nea.dagmar see my process so far :)

We got this project in school to research about possible internships for the major you would like to study in a university. So. This topic is not pleasant for me, sine I have no clue what I want to do when I graduate next year or what I want to study. I do know that I want to somehow express the creative side of me, but I just cannot figure out what way could I do that. Since for sure, I'm not gonna be a fashion designer or painter or whatever, but I do want to design and create something. So please, if anyone knows what is it that fits this really minimal description, tell me since I haven't figured it out yet. Also including my lack of skills in sciences or mathematics.


I've been thinking about that maybe it could be media and communication, but can I really write? Not really. However since I'm the person who does things even tho she knows that she sucks, so I'm gonna try. Getting in to the point. There is this online magazine that I was already last year really interested in, because they allow for you to send your own articles and if they're good enough they can publish some of them and later on they can offer you a job as a one of the writers for the web page. So I wanna try this out. I wanna see what are my chances for becoming some kind of writer/ communication/media person, I don't know okay.


If you go and see the video I uploaded on my youtube channel a while ago, that's exactly what I would like to do more. I'm actually already working on the next one, but what I want to do is to be creative, write texts that are somehow related to me ad somehow connects my few experiences from the 17 years I've been on this earth. Also I want to do something that is beneficial for other people. Something that will help them relate and not be so scared to do things that are actually normal. Not the "normal" defined by the general eye of society.


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