16. heinäkuuta 2015


Heelloo! It's been a while again since I've written basically anything! Well, since last time quite a lot has happened.. First of all my school ended and I started my summer holiday. The first weeks of my holiday I spent in St Petes and in the beginning of July I arrived to Finland. Also I'm freaking out about next years university searches and SAT that I should be preparing for. However, summer holiday is my holy time to not to worry about school when it for once is actually possible. I got a job as a babysitter for the summer and by that money I've been gotten some new pieces to my family. Still most of it I reeeally need t save for next summer's vacay since I have some big plans for example traveling to multiple places.

The weather has been soo bad that I haven't done much. Mostly I've been trying to finish any tv series I have in mind, for example Orange is the New Black. Let me say a few words about it! The first episodes that I watched I seriously thought that any human being that actually watches this show is crazy or somehow mentally unstable. Well,  now I'm one of them. I'm almost done with the 3rd season and cannot wait for the fourth :D So please if you have any tv shows for me to watch, feel free to suggest!
Few days ago we finally got to take some photos with Karo and surprisingly
that photoshoot went successfully! I got some reeally nice photos and I hope that we'll have more of these days. I would loove to do this more often, but back home I rarely have anyone to go out and just take photos since even my sister moved away. Well, at least we always have such a good time with her once we reunite.
I hope everyone has a great summer, but now I'll join these two idiots for cooking. Byee!

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