18. heinäkuuta 2015


Today me and Karo took the advantage of that one day that the weather was good again and spent the day in the center. We went through some shops and I actually found one new shirt and pants! Then we sat down in few cafes, had dinner and now after a small pause we're planning on taking again this really nice evening walk. And by walking I mean probably crawling. I seriously ate today a one WHOLE pizza which wasn't the smallest pizza ever...
The plans for next week are gonna suck. Not even trying to make it sound like it would be okay with me that our plans with Vilma PERFECTLY failed. So the plan was to go to this festival Qstock, however since we were not on time with buying the tickets so we missed it and there's no tickets left for us. Well meanwhile we are trying to make this up and figure out something else I cannot get over the fact that I have only two more weeks here in Rovaniemi and my plans are just going down like a waterfall.

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