22. heinäkuuta 2015


I don't even know how is this happening, that every single year during the summer (mostly in the end of it) I start to get these super weird obsessions. When I have so much time for myself to do basically nothing, I start to get all these new crazy ideas that I get super excited for. Last year I remember I started filming more videos, I was obsessed with reggae music, I tried to get back into cheerleading and also that was when I was really starting to focus on beauty and makeup stuff. This year it's getting even more weird.
If you check one post from May(or somewhere around that time), where I explain little about my fitness goals, you can see I started a second Instagram, I started tracking my eatings and workouts. However by the end of May when I had to really put all my focus on school I didn't have time or energy for that so I stopped. I enjoyed it soooo much and it did really work for me, but the pause that I thought would have lasted for few weeks extended to few months and here I am again, not fit, not really doing anything and really lazy. I have this desire to get back on track and go back to gym etc. But for me going to the public gym is not an option. (and about that you can read in one of my previous posts) I really want to get back home (to st petes) to continue going to my gym, getting back on that everyday routine of school and schedule, because I don't do that well when I have all this spare time.
Also I am one of those kids (actually the only one I know) who is actually excited for school. Let me be honest here; I hate my school and how they run it, but I do wanna go there back. I think they have some how brainwashed me, but I really wanna see the new people, I wanna get back on that schedule like I said. Let's not be boring and talk about school here when I at least still have 3,5 weeks (almost a month) of summer vacay left!
I am currently also obsessed with this artist named Ella Eyre that I actually only found today! She has some awesome songs and I'm really loving it for chillin' and when I'm just doing my thing, so please check it out if you're up for some new playlists! :)

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